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Waddle Information - March 16, 2019

Stella at the Waddle Our annual Wasatch Waddle is a fundraiser and we encourage everyone to please register.

The Waddle is for all Basset Hounds (and Basset Blends ADOPTED FROM UFBH).

If you have a question about another four-legged family member, please call 801-915-3647.

Information for the day of the Parade, and links to maps are below.

For your convenience the Hibernian Society has included the link to a map of the staging area (this is where you’ll find us.)



At precisely 10:00 am, at 500 East and 200 South, the Parade will begin and proceed with elegant precision along 200 South, heading West and ending on State Street. The route is approximately 2/3 of a mile.

(As a reminder, no items may be handed out or thrown to spectators along the line of march.)

The following information is from the Hibernian Society:

There is plenty of parking on the streets that cross the parade route (6th east, 4th East, etc). There are also three large parking lots right at Gallivan Center, two may be entered from 300 South (or from Gallivan Avenue), the other may be entered from 200 South (approaching from the west). For other parking options, click on the link to a parking finder app that shows public parking (and street parking if you zoom in enough).

If you park at the Gallivan Center, you will have to walk to the start of the parade, so allow enough time. By doing this, you should wind up near your car at the end of the Parade.

Free t-shirt for your first $100 raised in pledges.

Registration and more information is available online.

It’s Almost Waddle Time! March 16, 2019!


We “Waddle” with our Bassets in the Annual Salt Lake City St. Patrick’s Day Parade. You’ll hear the folks “Aarrooooing” for us as we pass by the crowds who gather along the street. If you have an older hound or one not able to keep up on foot…or paw… we’ll have a Pooped Pup Pick-up Truck! We’re also encouraging folks to bring wagons or lawn carts for their hounds to ride in. We have to keep up with the rest of the parade, so bring wheels if you think your hound will need to ride part of the way. Remember, we have to walk back to the start of the parade where our cars are parked so we’re really doing about two miles.

The comfort and safety of your hounds comes first.

If you’re not sure yours will have a good time “Waddling”, you can volunteer to walk one of our fosters, or help another family who has multiple hounds. (Call 801-915- DOGS to get on this list.)

Why and How Do I Get PLEDGES?

Our fundraising goal for the 2019 Wasatch Waddle is $5,000! We realize that this goal might seem lofty but we’re confident that with your help UFBH can reach it! Collect pledges from friends and family to support your participation and UFBH.

UFBH has seen a huge increase in the number of hounds needing help. In nearly 17 years we’ve taken in over 1,800 Basset Hounds; $5,000 would go a long way toward our goal of never turning a Basset Hound in need away. 100% of the money you raise goes to veterinary and daily expenses for the hounds in our care.

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