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Featured Bassets

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  • Lola (0642), Age 4 years 4 months


    Meet four year old Lola! She is an energetic little girl who plays well with other dogs after taking a few minutes to warm up to them. A great lap dog and cuddler, she often prefers to be with her people. Her Foster Mom tells us, "Lola gets a little excited when we first come home and does some jumping up, but stops when she's asked." Lola would be happy as an only dog.

  • Mitzie NAB (Sadie) (0516), Age 8 years 2 months

    Mitzie  NAB (Sadie)

    This eight year old sweetheart was quite sad after her person went into a care facility. She has settled nicely into her Foster Home. Fortunately, her Foster Mom loves to walk; the Border Collie in her loves to walk, too. Her girlish figure should return soon, having put on a few too many pounds before coming back to us.

  • Macy (1040), Age 5 years 1 month


    Two year old Macy and her "sister," Stella, get pretty wound up when playing with each other. More often than not, Macy initiates play and can be a little on the rough side; all in fun though and they do play very well together. Macy also goes to daycare and has done very well there. She does like some lap/people time but also likes to be outside playing. She will need a place where she can get outside into the yard.

    Macy is bonded to Stella and they would very much like to be adopted together.

News & Events

Wasatch Waddle 2017

Waddle It’s finally here! UFBH’s premier event. Join us Saturday morning, March 18, 2017.


We “Waddle” with our Bassets in the Annual Salt Lake City St. Patrick’s Day Parade. You’ll hear the folks “Aarrooooing” for us as we pass by the crowds who gather in the Gateway shopping area. If you have an older hound or one not able to keep up on foot–or paw–we’ll have a Pooped Pup Pick-up Truck! We’re also encouraging folks to bring wagons or lawn carts for their hounds to ride in. We have to keep up with the rest of the parade, so bring wheels if you think your hound will need to ride part of the way. Remember,we have to walk back to the start of the parade where our cars are parked so we’re really doing about two miles.

Please remember, the comfort and safety of your hounds comes first.

If you’re not sure yours will have a good time “Waddeling”, you can volunteer to walk one of our fosters, or help another family who has multiple hounds. (Call 801-915-DOGS to get on this list.)

Help UFBH reach their pot o’ gold!

While we’re all about fun, the Waddle is a fundraising event. Our goal for the 2017 Wasatch Waddle is $5,000! You may think this goal is too lofty, but we’re confident that with your help UFBH can reach it! $5,000 would go a long way toward our goal of never turning away a Basset Hound in need. 100% of the money you raise goes to veterinary and daily expenses for the hounds in our care.

Register for the Waddle Now!

Save the Date!

Love Utah Give Utah

Love Utah Give Utah

If you love Utah then you love UFBH. And now, you’ve got a special day to show your love – and a special way.
It’s Love UT Give UT, our state’s biggest day of giving, and it’s happening on Thursday, March 31, 2016!

yard sale

Annual Yard Sale

First “Good Weather” Weekend in April
We are collecting donated items, NOW 801-915-DOGS


Frankie Franklin, named for Franklin Delano Roosevelt who overcame incredible odds to do great things, is affectionately called Frankie. At the sound of his name, he looks up at you with those big Basset Hound eyes and his tail starts to wag. It’s actually wagging most of the time; that is when he’s not wiggling about or rolling over so you can rub his belly or scratch his ears. Anything will do, as long as he has your attention!

We’ll never know how he became so crippled. Some of his issues may be genetic; but there are no doubts that abuse and neglect have contributed to Frankie being unable to use his front legs.

After many x-rays and three top surgeons in the valley consulting, it was determined that the only hope for him to walk would be surgery. He’ll have his first surgery on September 19th. Our generous supporters made the first surgery happen; now it is time to raise money for the second surgery.

We know that with your help Frankie will have the very best chance of walking and playing and running with the other hounds. And when he’s ready he’ll be looking for his Forever Home!

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