Yard Sale


Saturday, May 7 at 7 AM - 12 PM (Weather Permitting)


The weather has to be good starting on Wednesday (before the sale) when the tables arrive. Set up starts on Thursday and continues Friday with the big event on Saturday.


We have a two-car garage filled to the brim with goodies. We'll take more, but please give us a call before you drop it off at Carol's. If you can hold on to it until we start set up Wednesday afternoon that would be best!


It takes lots of volunteers to pull this off, so if you can spare any time to help set up, work the day of the sale and/or clean up, please let us know. Have any friends who might like to come and help?!? The more the merrier!


Contact Peggy

801-915-DOGS (3647)

Yard Sale


Since our beginning in 2002, Utah Friends of Basset Hounds has taken in nearly 900 hounds.  At any given time, we care for 75-85 hounds. Nearly 40 hounds are ten years and older, 16 are seven to nine years of age. Then, there's all the youngsters!  We're not always "up to date" with information and pictures on this site (we're still trying to get a new website) and for this we apologize.  Be sure and friend us on Facebook to keep up with us!  And, please contact us with any questions you may have.