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Bowling For The Bassets

August 10, 2014

Bowling for the Bassets

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October 30, 2012

Hard to believe UFBH has been rescuing, caring for and finding forever homes for ten years. We took Basset Hound number 600 in our care on August 14, 2012.

On October 28, 2012 we took in a two more basset hounds. Thunder and Jade; bringing our total number to 636. We currently have 25 foster homes, 40 hounds available for adoption and seniors in our care and at any time at least 25 “Forever Fosters”.

Not a day goes by that we're not grateful for all that has come to our organization from our volunteers and donors. You’re the real heroes here. We could not have kept our doors open without you. 

As our 10th Year Celebration continues for this next year we invite you to check our site often, get on our mailing list and join in wherever and whenever you can!

There will always be another hound needing our help. We'll always be asking for more families to adopt and foster and we'll always need more money to keep it all going. With your continued support we'll never turn a Basset Hound away.

If this is your first visit to our site, welcome. Our new website will be up soon and in the mean time we hope you find what (or who) you’re looking for. To everyone else, happy to have you checking back in.






We Currently have 65 bassets in our care

50 bassets adopted into forever homes so far in 2012

84 bassets adopted to forever homes in 2011


Adoptable Bassets


New Arrivals

and don't forget to check out our



107 Basset Hounds rescued in 2011

111 Basset Hounds rescued in 2010

Over 517 Rescued!

A milestone for Utah Friends of Basset Hounds!



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Shane has been an angel to our rescue. He has helped up us with several of our hounds
that needed some extra special love and care in order to become the perfect forever
hound for someone just like you.Please check him out for all your training needs.
He can help with a  simple issue such as sit, stay and wait-
to more severe issues.