Utah Friends of Basset Hounds

Helping rescued bassets find forever homes since 2002.

About UFBH


Utah Friends of Basset Hounds, Inc., a federally recognized 501(c)(3) public charity, is a Basset Hound rescue group who provides veterinary care, food, shelter and support to Basset Hounds needing assistance in Utah. We treat these animals with care and respect. UFBH makes decisions based on compassion and with concern for the quality of life of each individual Basset Hound. We place Basset Hounds in our care into foster homes and permanent homes with consideration to personality, behavior, and special needs. We provide continuing support to adoptive families throughout the lifetime of the dogs.

We work in direct cooperation with all local and state shelters to reduce euthanasia of Basset Hounds. Of the Bassets we rescue and care for, approximately 40% come from these shelters. The other 60% of our Bassets are surrendered by their current owners directly into UFBH care. By taking in Bassets surrendered by their owners, UFBH helps ease the burden on our local animal shelters by preventing those Bassets from ever entering the animal shelter system.

Purpose Statement

Serving our local and statewide communities, Utah Friends of Basset Hounds, Inc. provides:

  • Education to the public and prospective homes about the Basset Hound breed.
  • Shelter and care for homeless Basset Hounds.
  • Assistance, when needed, to anyone owning a Basset Hound so as to keep the dog in a good environment.
  • Placement in suitable foster and permanent homes for all dogs taken into our care.
  • Financial and emotional support, when needed, to our foster and adoptive homes using the dogs’ best interest as a guide.
  • Fundraising events in order to care for all dogs taken in by our rescue.
  • Education about spaying and neutering in order to decrease pet overpopulation and random breeding.
  • Placement assistance to state and local animal shelters for Basset Hounds and mixed breeds.


UFBH believes in transparency. As a participant in Shelter Animals Count, we are proud to share our statistics below.


Pokey Utah Friends of Basset Hounds started in the fall of 2002 by a group of five, Peggy Chudd, Jennifer Heighton, Toni Moore, Shawn Blaser, and John Nish. In the first two years, we had 15 adoptions. In the last two years, UFBH has had 175 Basset Hound adoptions and we continue to grow. We currently have over 75 dogs in our care, many of those permanent Forever Fosters who will remain with us until the end of their lives.

Our Community Partners

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