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Adoptable Bassets

UFBH currently has 14 bassets available for adoption.

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  • Murphy (1069), Age 2 years 7 months


    Quite the puppy, Murphy is a busy guy and will need some training to direct his keen curiosity. A quick study, he likes to please and really enjoys being with his people (including sleeping with them or very near by). Murphy does well with other dogs and people. We feel he would be happiest living in a home with another dog. He is house trained to use a dog door.

    Murphy has been with UFBH for 5 weeks.

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  • Maggie Lou (1068), Age 5 years 6 months

    Maggie Lou

    Maggie Lou is very sweet girl who’s quite curious about new things but is very easy going. She very much enjoys the company of and likes to sleep with the other dogs in her foster home but doesn’t really engage in play, yet. Maggie is a gentle soul who sadly had been mistreated in her past and has a damaged larynx. She cannot wear a regular collar comfortably but is very happy with her harness. Having a medium activity level, she’s comfortable with or without much exercise. This lovely girl is house trained. It is unknown if she is good with kids or cats.

    Maggie Lou has been with UFBH for 5 weeks.

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  • Ellie Mae (1067), Age 5 years 6 months

    Ellie Mae

    This little bit of a girl has a shy, timid side and has not shown us much of her personality in the few days since she arrived in Salt Lake City. Ellie is good with the other dogs in her foster home but untrusting around people until she gets to know them. We think she’d be fine living with cats but may be a little skittish about kids and anyone who moves too fast around her. She is house trained.

    Ellie Mae has been with UFBH for 5 weeks.

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  • Lucy (1063), Age 3 years 1 month


    Lucy is lovingly referred to as a “velcro girl.” A bit timid at first but once she becomes comfortable with you, she’ll follow you anywhere--all day long. Loud noises can be scary until she gets used to her new surroundings. Lucy loves to cuddle and really likes to have her belly rubbed--often and for long periods of time!

    This sweet little girl would probably like to be an only dog but may also be okay with another dog in the home. We are not sure how she is with cats. Lucy can become a bit anxious when left alone. She is house trained to use a doggie door.

    With a little patience and love, Lucy could easily become your best friend! Our trainer/behaviorist will be available to help you to help Lucy settle into your home.

    Lucy has been with UFBH for 6 weeks.

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  • Holly (0536), Age 10 years 4 months


    If you've fallen in love with this doll just by looking at her, you're in for a wonderful surprise! Holly has a friend she'll be bringing along to her new home.

    Holly and Rocky were surrendered to UFBH as a very bonded pair. It was very difficult for them to leave their previous family but they still have each other.

    Much like her best friend, Rocky, she's very laid back. It does take her a bit longer than Rocky to warm up to new people but it's worth the extra bit of time it will take for her to make friends with you. These two will add double the love to your home!

    Holly and Rocky (0537) are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

    Holly has been with UFBH for 12 weeks.

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  • Rocky (0537), Age 9 years 4 months


    Truly one of the most mellow Basset Hounds you'll ever meet, Rocky is also a very good boy. A handsome guy; although not big on having his picture taken!

    Rocky has spent the last few years with Holly and we'll not split them up.

    It's a joy to watch how devoted they are to each other. They're staying in a group foster home and so would be fine with pets you may already have in your home with you.

    Rocky and Holly (0536) are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

    Rocky has been with UFBH for 12 weeks.

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  • Sydney (1021), Age 8 years 11 months


    Sydney is a sweet and loving dog that prefers people to other dogs. She does get along with other dogs but sometimes doesn't like to share. She would make a fantastic companion for walks, snuggling while watching a good movie, or for just hanging out.

    Sydney has been with UFBH for 16 weeks.

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  • Lola (0642), Age 4 years 9 months


    Meet four year old Lola! She is an energetic little girl who plays well with other dogs after taking a few minutes to warm up to them. A great lap dog and cuddler, she often prefers to be with her people. Her Foster Mom tells us, "Lola gets a little excited when we first come home and does some jumping up, but stops when she's asked."

    Lola has been with UFBH for 20 weeks.

    Apply to adopt Lola!

  • Wrigley (0847), Age 4 years 7 months


    This charming little guy spent his first few years in a "puppy mill" situation so he'll err on the side of caution when meeting new people. As soon as he sees you're cool, then he's cool, too!

    Wrigley also enjoys other dogs and gets along with everyone at daycare. He's not very much for cuddling but will make a great walking companion. Wrigley is truly a very loving dog.

    Wrigley has been with UFBH for 20 weeks.

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  • Misty (1029), Age 7 years 7 months


    This little sweetheart would very much like for you to shower her with love and attention. In return, Misty will go for car rides with you, play with you, and unlike many Basset Hounds, she will actually listen to you!

    Misty would very much like to have another dog in the family who adopts her; she doesn't like to be alone. She also enjoys the company of people and children! Misty does have some allergies issues that will need on going attention. But, she'll make it up to you with extra cuddling!

    Misty has been with UFBH for 9 months.

    Apply to adopt Misty!

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Did you know?

  1. Large size of Basset Hounds-Many people are surprised to find out that Basset Hounds are large breed dogs. For their height, Bassets have the densest bone mass compared to all other breeds. On average, Bassets can weigh between 45 and 65 pounds.
  2. Bassets are not lazy-Bassets are hunting dogs. They have been bred for endurance. Many will run circles around you! Additionally, puppies are puppies regardless of their breed. Bassets puppies are curious and often into everything. Rarely are they lazy!
  3. Stubborn personality-Many people mistake stubbornness for stupidity. UFBH wants to dispel this common misconception. Bassets are very intelligent highly evolved thinkers that can learn basic obedience. However, if you want a dog that will obey your every command, the Basset Hound is probably NOT for you. When asked to perform a command, Bassets often require a little “persuasion.”
  4. Need for attention/Barking when left alone-Most Basset Hounds are very affectionate dogs and firmly insist, despite their size, on being lap dogs. Basset Hounds do not like to be separated from their pack for long periods. They will show their displeasure by barking or howling. Moreover, for a short dog, their barks and howls are very LOUD!
  5. Sensitivity to heat-It can get very hot in Utah. Because Bassets are very low to the ground, they feel the heat (especially on pavement) reflected off the ground more intensely than humans do. Moreover, you should never leave an unattended dog in a car during the summer months. It may be 80 degrees outside, but in the car, it is more like 100! Your dog can die!
  6. Shedding-Yes, Bassets are short-haired dogs. Despite this, Bassets shed like crazy. During the spring and fall, many Bassets have a “molting” period where they shed even more than normal.
  7. Bassets do get lost-Bassets are notorious for catching a scent, wandering off from their homes but not being able to find their way back. Bassets should always be on a leash when out in public. For families with yards, UFBH requires a fence with a lock.
  8. Health Concerns-There are health concerns specific to every breed of dog. Common ailments in Basset Hounds include ear infections, development of cysts, glaucoma, and disk disease.

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