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Helping rescued bassets find forever homes since 2002.

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If you have questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you. Send us a note and we will get in touch as quickly as possible.

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  • 1338 S Foothill Drive #172
    Salt Lake City, UT 84108
  • Surrendering a Hound

Board of Trustees

  • President

    Peggy Chudd

    The President is responsible for providing overall direction to UFBH. The President conducts membership meetings as needed.


  • Vice President

    Carol Mundinger

    The Vice President conducts all business of the Organization in the absence of the President. The Vice-President also serves as our Dog Intake Coordinator.


  • Secretary

    Kristi Mildon

    The Secretary records attendance and minutes of all meetings and distributes them to the members. The Secretary also currently serves as Adoption Coordinator.


  • Treasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the organization. This includes payment of bills and reimbursement of members for expenses incurred in rescue work. The Treasurer prepares a bi-monthly financial statement, showing income and expenses, which he/she presents at each general meeting. The Treasurer also prepares an annual financial report.

  • Fundraising & Media

    Peggy Chudd

    The Fundraising Coordinator evaluates, proposes, and coordinates fundraising ideas. This position also includes posting advertisements in the newspapers when we are planning function.


  • Foster Coordinator

    Carol Mundinger

    The Foster Coordinator maintains records on all foster volunteers. This position also includes dispersing information about the expectations of fostering a basset hound for UFBH and doing regular check-ins regarding behavior and general basset welfare, with foster families who currently have a foster basset in residence.


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