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Foster a Hound

One of the most critical volunteer positions for any rescue is the foster home. Foster families help UFBH save on boarding costs. But, more importantly, foster families provide a temporary home and evaluate the Basset’s personality and behavior around other dogs and pets, adults, and children. By observing and reporting on the Basset’s personality, attitude and temperament, the foster home is able to help our Adoption Coordinator match the hound to the best adoptive family. Foster homes also help the Basset Hound to make a smooth transition to their forever home.

(We do require that a foster home be in the general proximity of Salt Lake so the basset is accessible to potential adoptive families.)

What About Older Hounds?

If you would consider fostering a senior hound, please read more about about our special Forever Foster program. The area in which we will place a Basset through this program is more extensive.

What to Expect?


A foster Basset may be in the foster home for any period of time ranging from a couple of days to several months, depending particularly upon the age of the Basset, the number of eligible adoptive families, and the general temperament and health of the dog. If you already have a Basset Hound, you are well versed and experienced with the breed. Adding a temporary foster to your home can be a very rewarding experience.

Many rescue hounds need help in some way, whether it is with house-training, separation anxiety, shyness, jumping on people or just plain house manners. While we do not expect our foster homes to handle serious behavior problems, we do ask the foster home to help with basic training so that the hound will become a better pet. The Intake, Adoption, and Foster coordinators are always available to help with any questions you might have. If we do not know the answer, we also have a professional trainer with whom we can consult if you run into any difficult behavior issues.

Who pays for what?

UFBH pays for ALL necessary medical expenses such as vaccinations, medical testing, spaying or neutering. We have accounts with various veterinary clinics across the state and take our Bassets to these vets for all their regular check-ups. We only ask our foster homes to provide the Basset with the essentials: food and water, patience and love. Should an emergency arise, such as the hound displays signs of bloat, gastric hemorrhaging, or a severe laceration, we ask the foster home to seek immediate emergency veterinary care for the hound and contact UFBH’s Adoption, Intake, or Foster Coordinators as soon as possible. UFBH will either pay the emergency clinic directly or reimburse you for your expenses as necessary.

How do I qualify?

The process to become a foster parent is very similar to the adoption screening. Potential foster homes complete an application similar to the one completed by our adopters. After you have submitted an application and completed a phone interview with the Foster Coordinator, a home visit will be scheduled. UFBH looks for answers to following questions during the home visit:

  • Would I allow my Basset Hound to live in this home? (We are not looking at housekeeping skills; rather, we want to know about the family’s lifestyle, and whether there is room for a Basset Hound in their lives.)
  • Does the applicant have time to spend with the Basset?
  • Do all the family members want a Basset Hound?
  • Is the housing arrangement basset friendly? Is there a fenced yard?
  • Is anyone allergic to dogs?

UFBH recognizes that bringing a rescue Basset into your home is a big step that requires thoughtful consideration and commitment. Be sure to discuss fostering with your family.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the possibility of fostering a needy basset.

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